About us

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We are the EU manufacturers and blenders of phosphate and NPK fertilizers.

Our joint purpose in this alliance is to give a uniform voice to the European phosphate and NPK fertilizers industry in Brussels in all regulatory and legislative matters and interact with EU and EU Member State regulatory and legislative bodies.

Phosphate and NPK fertilizers

supply soils with phosphorus and other nutrients, like nitrogen and potassium, that are necessary for proper growth and development of plants.

The EU phosphate fertilizer industry

is therefore a key and indispensable component of the European agricultural industry and plays a central role in ensuring European Union’s food security.

We are a sustainable industry.

As our main job is to provide EU’s farmers with the nutrition that they will provide to the crops they grow, we are inseparably connected with our the environment, quality of our soils, air and waters and our food.

In addition to being a constituent part of the EU agricultural industry

The phosphate and NPK industry stands on its own a major provider of jobs, revenue, investment and tax revenues in many member states. The largest producers of phosphate and NPK fertilizers are – in alphabetical order – France, Poland, Romania, and Spain.

Our members use different market strategies.

Yet from fully integrated EU producers, who start from imports of phosphate rock to produce phosphoric acid, then MAP/DAP and finally NPKs, to EU producers of fertilizers through the nitrophosphate route, to EU blenders, who only buy finished DAP to produce NPKs, we all share a common interests in ensuring a competitive, vibrant, and healthy phosphate fertilizer market that is enriching for the farmers and consumers and fair for EU producers.

Members, Supporters and Friends

The Agricultural Industries Confederation is the UK agrisupply industry’s leading trade association, with over 250 Members representing £6.5 billion turnover at farmgate. AIC’s Fertiliser Sector represents over 95% of the UK’s agricultural fertiliser supply industry, worth about £3bn.

The Spanish National Association of Fertilizer Manufacturers (ANFFE) represents mineral fertilizer producers with industrial and commercial activities in Spain. ANFFE’s 13 member companies produce 4.5 million tons of final products, representing about 70% of total sales in Spain and generate direct employment for 2,800 people and much more indirect jobs.

Azomures, part of Ameropa Holding Group, is the most important producer of mineral fertilizers for agricultural use in Romania, supplying farmers with mineral nitrogen and NP/NPK complex fertilizers

Grupa Azoty is one of the major EU chemical producers, with products including mineral fertilizers and engineering plastics through OXO to melamine.  It is Poland’s largest chemical company and a major industry player in the EU

Employers’ Federation of Producers in the Chemical Industry (METACHIM) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, representing the interests of the associations from the chemical industry in Romania.

With over 8 000 employees worldwide, Roullier Group is one of the largest EU fertilizer producers. In addition to fertilizers, Roullier is a also a manufacturer of animal feed and magnesite, with overall commercial presence in 102 countries and € 2,6 bln in combined revenue from the end of 2016.

Agropolychim, located in Bulgaria, is a leading manufacturer of nitric fertilizers in southeastern Europe and a leader in a production of phosphate fertilizers on the Balkan peninsula.

Associação Nacional de Produtores e Importadores de Fertilizantes (ANPIFert) is the Portuguese association of fertilizer producers and importers, grouping the majority of Portuguese fertilizer producers and importers.

FOSFAN SA is a manufacturer of compound agricultural fertilizers (Suprofos, SuproFoska, Superfosfat) and gardening fertilizers (Fructus, Planten, LagronVit). We have over 65 years of experience in the production of fertilizers.

L’Union des industries de la fertilisation (UNIFA) gathers 50 members producing mineral, organic and organo-mineral fertilizers, liming materials, soils improvers and plant biostimulants in France and in Europe. Its members represent 93% of the French production of fertilizers and 78% of deliveries, for an annual market of nearly 12 million tons of products.

Zakłady Chemiczne „SIARKOPOL” Tarnobrzeg sp. z o.o. specialises in the production of high-quality mineral fertilizers, sulphur-based suspension fertilizers and packaged sulphur. We provide services related to the distribution of electrical energy, natural gas and potable water, as well as sewage disposal.