AEEP Press Release on Radical Cd Limits Adopted in ENVI Committee


The AEEP is dismayed with the radical result of today’s vote on cadmium limits in the European Parliament’s ENVI Committee.  By setting unattainable goals, the ENVI Committee effectively voted for the destruction of the European phosphate fertilizers industry.  Not only will these limits lead to the disappearance of an entire EU industry, but they will drastically increase EU dependency towards Russia for a critical material needed for EU food security, and will severely impair the already fragile economies of North African countries reliant on phosphate rock exports. AEEP urges the European Parliament to overturn this unfortunate result during its Plenary Session in the fall.  A limit of 80 mg will secure the achievement of all related objectives of the European Union, including health and environmental, geopolitical, industrial, and agricultural.  Any lower limit will result in structural weakening of the European Union.

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