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Data and statistics

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Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP)

The global MAP market is slightly below 25 mln MT. The largest global producers of MAP is China (12 mln MT), with USA, Russia, Brazil, and Morocco as smaller producers.

The largest consumer is also China (slightly below 10 mln), followed by Brazil (5 mln), and USA (slightly below 4 mln MT).

The largest exporters of MAP are Russia (almost 2 mln MT), USA (almost 2 mln MT), Morocco (1,5 mln MT) and China (almost 3 mln MT). The largest importer of MAP is Brazil (almost 4 mln MT).

European Union

The EU is a minor producer of MAP, with Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria and Spain the main producers. As the EU consumes much more MAP (over 600 K MT) than it produces (below 100 K MT), it needs to import significant quantities, mainly from Russia and Morocco.

Diammonium Phosphate (DAP)

The global DAP market is around 35,6 mln MT and has grown by about 7,5 mln in the last 10 years.

The largest global producer is by far China (almost 18 mln MT), followed by United States (over 4 mln MT), India (almost 4 mln MT), and Saudi Arabia (below 3 mln MT). Smaller producers include Morocco, Russia, the European Union and Pakistan.

The largest exporter is again China (8 mln MT), with Saudi Arabia, USA, Morocco and Russia as smaller exporters.

The largest importers are in Asia: India (below 7 mln MT), Pakistan (over 1 mln MT) and Vietnam (1 mln MT).

The largest consumers are India (over 10 mln MT) and China (almost 10 mln MT), followed by the United States, Pakistan and Vietnam as smaller consumers.

European Union

The EU produces around 1 mln MT of DAP, with Lithuania by far the largest producer, followed by Poland, Spain, and Belgium. As the EU consumes much more DAP (over 2 mln MT) than it produces, and given sizeable exports (750 K MT), it imports significant quantities (2 mln MT), mainly from Morocco, Russia, Tunisia and Jordan.

Triple Super Phosphate (TSP)

The global TSP market is much smaller than MAP and DAP and is slightly above 5 mln MT.

The largest producers of TSP include China (over 1 mln MT), Brazil (below 900 K MT), Morocco (below 850 K MT), and Israel (slightly above 400 K MT).

With global exports surpassing 3 mln each year in the last 10 years, TSP is clearly an export product. In 2015, global exports amounted to 3,1 mln MT, i.e., almost 58% of total global production. The largest exporters were China and Morocco (each above 800 K MT), followed by Israel (over 400 K MT). The largest importers are Brazil (slightly below 900 K MT), Bangladesh (slightly below 600 K MT), and the European Union (above 300 K MT).

The largest consumers of TSP is Brazil (below 2 mln MT), followed by Bangladesh, Indonesia, China and the European Union, all well below 1 mln MT.

European Union

The EU is a minor producer of TSP, with production of only about 260 K MT, mostly in Bulgaria. As most of the Bulgarian TSP is exported out of the EU, and the EU consumes almost 300 K MT, it all needs to be imported, mainly to France, United Kingdom and Italy.